#JusticeForRyanHawi: Kenyan father and man, Isaac DBA Opondoi, calls out The Nairobi Hospital after his son, Ryan Hawi, died in the hospital due to negligence of its doctors.

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that a Kenyan father and man, Isaac DBA Opondoi, has cried out after his son, Ryan Hawi, was killed after being given strong opioids and over drug at The Kenyan Hospital. (Read More Here).

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Taking to his Twitter page, Isaac DBA Opondoi, shared photos of his 8-year-old son, Ryan Hawi, who got killed through the negligence of The Nairobi Hospital.
Isaac DBA Opondoi narrates how Ryan Hawi died:

“I am a broken father. I have lost my son. The negligence at @thenairobihosp has cost the life of my dear son Ryan Hawi. The doctor injected him with the wrong dose. Now he is no more. I need #Justice4RyanHawi
This is how it started.

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“My son Ryan, a vibrant young boy, got home from school like any
other day, did his homework and played with other kids and retreated to the house as usual. At
around 9pm he complained of backache and was given paracetamol. He continued to complain
of pain after 30 minutes.

“I consulted his pediatrician who advised that I take him to the
Nairobi Hospital casualty and request the attending doctor to call her. Little did they know that
would be the last time he would be home alive.
At casualty, he was given several medications #Justice4RyanHawi.

“including Morphine, a powerful opioid. We
initially declined the admission request by the doctor because he seemed ok. Ryan was given
ketorolac at 2am and this changed everything, Ketorolac was given off label and is not
indicated for his management, he became drowsy.

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“and sleepy forcing us to agree to admit, on
admission the child was continued on morphine at 3ml/h and Gabapentin was introduced on his
management, Morphine and gabapentin should not be used together, Gabapentin was also
used off label. Soon after the SPO2 which was at 100%.

“On 25th and The Nairobi
hospital doctors, and staff did not give Ryan a lifesaving medication Naloxone which would
have reversed the morphine overdose immediately. The Nairobi hospital and its doctors did not
perform Hemodialysis to remove Gabapentin from #Justice4RyanHawi.

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“Ryan was 8 years and 34kg, He was given 11.9mg of Morphine in 24hrs. In addition to
Gabapentin 900mg, Rolac/ketorolac 30mg, Cataflam 25mg, Paracetamol 500mg, Rocephin
3,500mg, Lasix 40mg. All this to a boy who was asking to go home after feeling better while in the casualty.

“The patient documents provided suggest that morphine was continued even after
the nurses noted overdose. A child who was still struggling with unmediated Gabapentin toxicity
in the ICU was still given fentanyl, an even more powerful opioid despite a known fact that opioids despite a known fact that
opioids and Gabapentin potentiate each other.
During infusion of morphine and administration of gabapentin the child was not monitored, there
was no pulse oximeter to continuously monitor the child’s respiration.
This negligence led to Ryan’s death.

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“This negligence led to Ryan’s death in 4 days. He suffered and succumbed to the harm from the
gross negligence by @thenairobihosp and its doctors. #Justice4RyanHawi. The @thenairobihosp missed the biggest opportunity improve on care, I setup a meeting with CEO and asked the the chief pharmacist and medical director attend the meeting, He met me alone and told me that he is not a doctor therefore he cannot discuss the issue #Justice4RyanHawi.

“The @KmpdcOfficial asked @thenairobihosp via Ref. No:KMPDC/DEC .1270/30/2021/08 dated 1st October to provide the hand written nursing notes by 8th October. The hospital ignored the request and I have sent several reminders for the same without success..What are they hiding? The medical director my declined my request to share the report, The report has since been sent to @KmpdcOfficial and am glad I didn’t attend the meeting. The investigators were the same doctors that mismanaged the case, No mention of Gabapentin or Ketorolac #Justice4RyanHawi

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“When I requested the medical director for the investigation I did so believing that @thenairobihosp has internal safeguard that would be able to respond failures by doctors to follow the laid down procedures, Hippocratic oath is held sacred by doctors

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