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Who Is The Legal Wife?

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Hi guys. A very short but mind boggling story. A christian woman did traditional marriage to a muslim man, before d marriage he promised not to coerce her into doing a muslim wedding or change her religion. After d wedding tins took a weird turn. He started pressuring her to do Nikkai nd change her name in d process. She out rightly refused that she was xtian not Muslim and that was not their agreement. He also told her no registry/court wedding. He was once married to a lady, his first wife. They did nikkai n trad wedding. She was a xtian. He changed her name too, but due to issues known to dem they separated. No divorce. Just separated and live apart. After some years he met d second lady n did only trad wedding for her. No nikkai no registry. He claimed he did no registry for first wife only nikkai n trad. For second woman only trad. In d eyes of man n God who is d legal nd true wife of the man? Please share your views. Xtians nd muslim family! Who Is d true wife of d man?